With extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, Albul Engineering has a dedicated team of experts to conduct structural analyses. They are performed for existing and proposed infrastructure.

One of the most common engineering requirements is to determine whether an existing structure is overstressed or whether it can safely support the additional load. Today’s modern equipment is also not like the equipment used in many mast base load scenarios. Also, if the tower has had structural improvements, the base load no longer applies. 

Another problem is that most towers have equipment from multiple carriers, and each of those carriers makes changes without notifying the others. While each incremental change may be small, you need to consider all the changes. This creates two potential avenues – a feasibility study and, if necessary, a comprehensive structural analysis.

Visual inspection only shows the physical condition of the structure. Inspection is extremely important, but it will not show whether the structure is overstressed by the loads it is carrying. In that case, you will need a structural analysis.

For structural analysis, we use engineering and mathematical formulas for stress, as well as known behavior of various materials under load, to determine if a point in the structure is under stress beyond safe limits. Using state-of-the-art computer software, we can create a mathematical model of any metal structure and quickly determine stresses at hundreds of points in the tower.

The comprehensive report includes:

  • Summary of structural analysis results
  • Analysis of loading conditions of the structure
  • Existing stress problems
  • Finite element model of the steel structure
  • Conclusion and recommendations

If your facility does not meet current regulations, Albul Engineering has the experience to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.