Phase I and II

We can help stakeholders, reduce the liability and upcoming cleanup costs of their investments, by conducting Phase I and Phase II ESAs, in which soil, soil gas, and/or groundwater are examined in depth analysis to identify sources of environmental impact.

While the first stage of the environmental assessment of the site determines the recognized state of the environment or the potential for impact on the subsoil of the site, most clients are asked to assess the potential impact in the second stage of the environmental assessment.

When a buyer or lender does not have a full and realistic understanding of what appears to be a limited ESA, they may be exposed to hidden risks. Phase I and II ESAs can limit this risk and protect against significant long-term costs and problematic environmental liabilities.


Using the NEPA process, we assess environmental and related social and economic impacts. This is done by preparing an environmental assessment or environmental impact report. Our knowledge of ecology, regional characteristics, environmental conditions, land holdings, and oil and gas exploration gives us uniquely qualified to assist clients in the NEPA process.

We understand that a thorough analysis based on the proper procedure can help protect against legal problems. Our environmental consulting services include regular evaluations of our products for legal protection. We also keep track of regulatory changes and ensure that our work meets all regulatory requirements.


Albul Engineering helps clients minimize obstacles and cooperate with SHPO and all federal laws to ensure compliance. We perform and oversee environmental reviews of telecommunications and commercial projects by the law.

Our professionals use their expertise to ensure that our clients comply with regulatory permits. At the end of the process, we ensure the environmental review record (ERR) is complete.