We understand that ever-increasing customer demands mean that there is a constant need to upgrade the towers that house the networks. Because of this, any tower modification poses a risk of vulnerability to tower integrity as well as to tower owners’ records of what is installed and permitted at each particular site. Adverse weather conditions and severe wear and tear can also cause problems for the cell tower.

A telecommunications inspection by Albul Engineering is an integral part of determining and evaluating the longevity of your infrastructure. Over the years, we have performed projects of all sizes and scales. Our company has experienced crews to conduct on-site inspections to verify integrity, map existing conditions, or verify contractor craftsmanship at tower owners’ sites.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best service in the industry and tailor projects to their individual needs. Our comprehensive service model allows our team to serve our customers in multiple ways. Engineers conduct a thorough inspection of the steel, bolts, and property within the scope of the modification work. The inspection confirms compliance with the design, contract documents, and governing body requirements.

We provide a PE stamped report including a review and compilation of fabrication documents, material certification, third-party testing, and any EOR-approved design deviations. Our geotechnical division works closely with our construction, inspection, and structural departments to provide cost-effective design recommendations for both new sites and modifications to existing sites.

Albul Engineering understands the critical importance of safety, quality, and schedule compliance for our wireless customers, and we provide these during every inspection and repair of assets. We can perform any type of inspection or mapping and have the advantage of having an engineer on-site when needed.