Structural (system) design is a method of defining subsystems, components, and how they are connected, setting the constraints under which the system is to function, and selecting the most effective combination of people, machines, and software to implement the system.

Albul Engineering offers highly professional and innovative structural design services covering a wide range of civil, commercial, residential, industrial, geotechnical, and environmental project needs.

We perform conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design and structural analysis projects.

Our team can effectively deal with the analysis of structural loads, including dynamic load, steady load, wind load, snow load, etc., designing the foundation, retaining wall, roof, beams, columns, slabs, etc., for RCC structures, concrete steel structures, wooden structures, etc.

The selection of appropriate building materials is one of the most important tasks in structural design. The ability of a structure to resist external and internal forces and to maintain a state of equilibrium and stability depends on the properties of the materials from which it is constructed. Our structural engineers select materials based on several measurable properties that predict their performance when used in construction.

Albul Engineering’s methods always accurately determine the safe and economic properties of a structure and ensure that the designed structure is strong. We conduct a structural analysis to determine what internal and external forces may be acting on the structure and then design the structure with the appropriate materials and equipment to meet all customer requirements.