Albul Engineering has years of experience in telecommunications surveys, and our experts can provide FAA 1A and 2C certifications for cell tower construction following agency requirements. According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, cell tower location and height information must be certified to a certain degree of accuracy.

We design, manufacture, and assemble steel supporting structures based on multifaceted bent racks – antenna supports, towers, and cellular communication masts designed to accommodate base station equipment.

We design cell towers with an individual approach in each specific case, we provide professional advice on choosing the best solutions for supporting structures of cell towers and mobile communication masts. Because of the height of cell phone towers and other broadcast towers, the height and location of these towers must be indicated as accurately as possible for the safety of aircraft flying over them.

The FAA has developed several standards to regulate the margin of error for these surveys so that the location and height of the towers are accurate. To meet these requirements, our authorized ground technicians inspect the mast and take measurements to verify its position and height. They then provide an FAA 1A or 2C certification letter for filing with the FAA.

If a cell tower has an overall height of 200 feet or more, the FAA requires one of the following certifications, depending on the location of the tower and other factors:

  • 1A Certification – tolerance within 20 feet vertically and 3 feet horizontally
  • 2C Certification – tolerance within 50 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally

An official form is not required, but we will provide a certificate that the cell tower survey we performed is within the required accuracy range. We can help you ensure that your cell tower and its location comply with federal regulations.