In modern construction, a great variety of construction materials are used, including metals and their alloys. Materials such as steel and aluminum are very often used to make various building structures.

Albul Engineering provides various services for the development of steel structure drawings for telecommunication and industrial facilities. Our design team consists of highly qualified and experienced draftsmen and modelers. We offer various designs for steel structures, trusses, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, structures, etc.

Our extensive experience in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, telecommunications and infrastructure projects makes us the one-stop solution for all your steel drawing needs. Steel construction drawings are a key aspect of any construction project, showing dimensions, dimensions, assembly, material specifications, and other manufacturing details. 

Drawings created by our team prove useful to architects, contractors, subcontractors, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers, owners, and builders at various stages of a project.

They provide clear communication and easy access to information for all parties, such as architects, utility planners, and manufacturers.

Help manufacturers get a clear understanding of the materials and instructions needed to make the various components. General contractors and installers are also supported with tips on how to install components efficiently and safely on site. Accelerate delivery times for your project and get the maximum benefit by reducing repetitive fabrication work and overspending your budget.

If you are planning a project that requires metal fabrication services, contact us and leave your message with our engineers. Our team ensures that the drawings produced are reliable and match the design intent.