A telecommunication network is a network that makes people’s private and business life more comfortable and interesting by providing the opportunity to obtain the necessary information. Cartographic works include a large complex of services, measures for processing, formation, research, and use of cartographic data. Creation (updating) of maps (plans) is carried out after preparatory works, surveying of available cartographic products on a given territory, if necessary. 

Albul Engineering uses many years of experience and capabilities in mapping telecommunications objects. We provide mapping services and visual information about the object and/or property, including detailed measurements of the structure and location of all ancillary elements for structural analysis, detailing, and space planning.

We also provide our clients with telecommunications facility feasibility studies and network design consulting, including the addition of network elements to new and existing infrastructure. Our evaluations can also include new site analyses, construction and improvement proposals, and ancillary systems such as transmission, power, signaling, and environmental controls.

All activities are performed using hardware, devices, and software. Maps plans are created based on the data obtained after the geodetic measures. All work is performed by established standards. Examination of maps to study the phenomena reflected on them is one of the ways of cartographic research. 

In additional services we provide:

  • Visual inspection and complete lifting of the structure
  • Comprehensive structural inspection
  • Structural Audit
  • Safety Audit
  • Inspection and damage assessment
  • Inventory audit of telecommunications facilities and complexes
  • Radiofrequency equipment audit