Designing is a difficult and very demanding task that requires a lot of effort from planners.

If you are looking for a new site construction solution specifically designed to enhance the success of your project, just let us know. Albul Engineering guarantees that your technical requirements will be met.

The process of building a new site consists of many steps, one of the most difficult of which is zoning and obtaining permits. It is not worth circumventing environmental legislation, which also imposes certain requirements and criteria for new construction projects, especially if such projects are on the list of environmental hazards.

Specificity of design of construction objects that are closely related in their designation to the environment, or have a significant impact on it, requires not only knowledge of the regulations of urban planning and protection of natural resources, but also experience in applying such knowledge in practice. 

We provide zoning services, as well as our company, provides comprehensive technical solutions at any stage of design, we carry out the design of residential buildings of the required level of complexity for many years. Our years of experience and services allow us to develop a unique solution designed specifically for you. Any comprehensive service for the deployment of telecommunications facilities is available to you.

Our team strives for complete customization, which applies to all types of projects on which we consult. We solve a wide variety of problems in the design of new telecommunications facilities, placement of towers, rooftop placement to the facility, and rooftop management for property owners. 

We offer facility design services and turnkey solutions, and we guarantee to provide services of excellent quality and on time. Albul Engineering can offer the best conditions for the design of new facilities, reduce costs and ensure that everything you need to develop your project before the construction phase begins.