An equipment platform is used exclusively to store and provide access to mechanical systems or industrial equipment. Stairs, elevated walkways, interlocking stairways, and stairs used to access the space are also considered part of the equipment platform. The equipment platform is not considered part of the lower floor and does not affect the floor area of the building or the number of floors in the building. 

The equipment platform area is not counted in determining the fire area, and passageways, stairs, alternating steps, and stairs that provide access to the equipment platform are not means of egress from the building. The company can design our platform decking so that it completely encloses your equipment or tank without compromising the structural integrity of the platform decking.

Albul Engineering offers modification and structural reinforcement of purpose-built equipment platforms that provide access to places that are otherwise too difficult or dangerous to reach. So you can safely perform repairs, routine maintenance, or inspections.

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in designing sturdy, stationary and customizable equipment platforms that allow workers to perform tasks on aboveground systems most ergonomically and safely.

Equipment platforms can provide access to a variety of facilities, such as:

  • Pipes 
  • Water tanks
  • Air ducts
  • HVAC systems 
  • Cable trays
  • Solar panel systems

The equipment access platforms designed and reinforced by our team are not only designed to provide easy and safe access for workers and extend the life and value of your facilities but our products are also made to last. 

For each of our projects, our goal is to meet our customers’ space needs with excellent customer service. This means that Albul Engineering will work with you every step of the way to provide superior customer service and a successful project.