What is an antenna mount?

An antenna mount is any mounting device or bracket used to attach an antenna or antenna array to a monopole, lattice tower, building, or other structure.

The design of antenna masts and towers depends on many factors and peculiarities of the construction site, as well as peculiarities of operation. The main factor is the climatic region of construction (most often the influence of wind loads), and the weight of the operated equipment plays only a secondary role.

Today, for the needs of mobile operators, Internet service providers, television companies, and radio amateurs are widely used high-rise antenna-mast structures: masts on suspenders, free-standing masts (towers or communication towers) of steel or reinforced concrete. 

To address these issues, our company offers telecom operators, mast owners, and mount manufacturers more consistent modifications and improvements to mount designs to ensure the safety, reliability, and structural adequacy of antenna brackets. Our engineers use specialized design software packages that use standardized assumptions and complex calculations to effectively analyze these particular tower designs.

However, these programs do not currently have a separate standardized fixture analysis module. Albul Engineering offers design services based on many standards and guidelines, especially TIA-222-H. We provide a more consistent binding analysis and ensure that no one uses structural assumptions that could adversely affect the results of the binding analysis.

The company’s high standards and advanced design techniques for modifications and enhancements will provide safer, more reliable designs that help protect people working on antenna mounts and protect wireless infrastructure owners’ investments, and we offer fast turnaround times.