Albul Engineering offers services and consultancy in finite element analysis (FEA). FEA is widely used by automotive companies. It is used by design engineers as a design tool during product development because it allows them to analyze their designs while they are still in the form of easily modifiable CAD models, providing fast turnaround times and ensuring that the analysis results are quickly incorporated into the design.

Safety, functionality, and cost are your primary concerns, our FEA stress analysis services can ensure your design is safe, efficient, and economical.

Years of team experience with state-of-the-art software allow us to confirm the safety and functionality of your project.

When used correctly, FEA becomes a powerful productivity tool, helping design engineers reduce product development time and cost. However, improper use of FEA can lead to faulty design decisions that are very costly to correct later in the design process. Our engineering team can help you with your mechanical design, whether you are developing a new product or need to update and improve an existing design. We use the latest CAD technology. 

Once a detailed CAD model is developed, the product development team can analyze the parts using FEA, saving time and resources by limiting the number of prototypes needed. In addition, any existing product that has encountered a problem in the field or is undergoing an upgrade can also be analyzed to speed up the process and limit costs.

We analyze and implement automated modeling, drafting, and documentation processes using configurators and customization tools, using logic programming to accelerate design time.

Our CAD specialists and industrial design engineers adhere to these two principles and provide comprehensive CAD drawings with detailed specifications to translate ideas into products.