Rigging services – a set of services, which includes basic and auxiliary activities in the preparation of the site of works and cargo, as well as the direct implementation of the rigging.

Albul Engineering provides critical and engineering documentation for lifting, which includes site planning, ground preparation, and analysis of loads to be lifted. A rigging plan is prepared every time a massive load is lifted. The basic idea of a rigging plan is to monitor and take safety measures. It is a responsible process to identify any risky circumstances that may arise when lifting a load.

Our specialists will immediately conduct a survey and, if necessary, make a free on-site visit to assess the cost of work.

In-house engineers and draftsmen use state-of-the-art 3D software. Each customer’s specific requirements are imported into the design software so that details ranging from crane location, clearance issues, detailed rigging designs, outrigger loads, support surface analysis, and crane mat design can be identified and analyzed.

What is included in the rigging work?

  • Development of a work plan
  • Selection of the necessary equipment and devices
  • Slinging and lifting of cargo, its movement
  • Fixation inside the vehicle
  • Transportation, unloading

We professionally assess the task and prepare for its implementation without stretching this process for weeks, simplifying the search for qualified engineers and draftsmen. Our experience allows us to rationally use special equipment and specialists, which is reflected in the price of our services.

Understanding that no two projects are the same, we offer flexible rigging safety management services that are tailored to your needs to ensure cost-effective and efficient results.