Site geology is necessary to determine the properties of soils that may adversely affect further construction. It also allows to determine how prone the soils are to deformation under load, and whether there are manifestations of such processes as landslides, waterlogging, suffocation, etc. It also determines the depth of groundwater occurrence and its dynamics.

A distinctive feature of the research is the increased demand for the reliability of engineering surveys and all parameters of the legislation. If you are planning to construct a building, there always is a risk that without geological surveys, the foundation may be damaged by the activation of negative processes. It is impossible to imagine design and engineering-construction work without prior geological research.

Before creating drawings for any construction project, it is very important to understand the conditions on-site. Albul Engineering can help you with this and provides site survey services that are fundamental to the success of your project. Our specialists survey the construction project area and collect all the necessary information for the design and estimate the performance of necessary initial tasks.

It also determines the exact location, access, and best layout of the site. The site inspection also identifies any potential obstacles to completing the project. Our site survey team will communicate directly with your architect. It allows us to provide the detailed information we need to begin planning. Our specialists are trained to conduct all types of surveys.

As a result, your project and construction schedule will be accurate. Specialists of our company have great experience so you will be provided with qualified assistance. In the end we will provide you with qualified advice on further construction.

Albul Engineering offers the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach, providing a full range of engineering, environmental and other consulting services. If you need our help, feel free to contact us without any hesitation. We are always in touch with you.