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Elevated Platform Design

Customized Antenna Mount Design

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A-Prime Engineering has an extensive experience in telecommunication engineering. We provide design, analysis, and reinforcement on a variety of telecommunication structures such as towers, water tanks, billboards, rooftops, and mounts.


Our telecommunication department executes all projects in full compliance with regional and national standards and codes. A-Prime is licensed in 50 States, District of Columbia.




 Our services in telecommunications:
  • Zoning and Construction Drawings
  • Specialty Structures Design
  • Structural Analysis of all Types Telecommunication Structures
  • New Foundation Design and Reinforcement
  • Structural Reinforcement Design
  • Reinforcement Fabrication Drawings
  • Telecom Structures Mapping
  • New Foundation Design and Reinforcement
  • New Mount and Support Design
  • Construction and Post Construction Inspections