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Highways and Railways

Port Structures

A-Prime offers a broad spectrum of services in supporting our nation’s infrastructure. Bridges, roads, rail-roads and port structures our main focus. Whether it is a new structure, a retrofit of an existing, or just maintenance repairs - A-Prime will provide quality and unique solutions where possible to meet our client needs.



We offer cost effective, environmentally sound and practical solutions to meet the needs of travelers. Our goal is to be your complete tower solutions provider. From new tower design to on-site tower inspections and everything in between, A-Prime brings together decades of knowledge and experience in the tower industry. Our services can be grouped into four specialty groups; Engineering, Project Management, Tower Analysis and Tower Inspection.

While we are increasingly moving towards an age where connections are as likely to be made virtually as they are physically, we believe that our highway infrastructure is still at the heart of social and economic development.

Our planning and design consultancy work involves developing solutions to enhance a transportation network’s ability to meet customer needs.

Our understanding of global transport needs, in-depth experience and exceptional mix skills make us a one of the leaders in the development and design of highways infrastructure of United States. We understand the vital role transport improvements have in ensuring safe and reliable networks, integrated transport services and accessible city centres.

Structures related to transport often require innovative solutions to produce designs which are cost effective and buildable as well as safe and durable. Complex analysis is often required to achieve structural efficiency and there is frequently a need to address aspects of design which are not covered by national codes. We have expertise in designing, checking, assessing and strengthening many types of bridges. We can also perform advanced analytical analysis where necessary to produce the most efficient design or to get the most out of existing structures.